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The Impact of Your Dollar In 2021

RCS meets the need by empowering permanent life transformation. From our inception, we have always believed that every person is endowed with a God-given right to live free and abundantly. Our goal has always been to help people “wake up” to their own power and transform into the person they were created to be.

At RCS, we work to assist in the growth and development of our guests for long-term success. We encourage others to not only make financial commitments, but to get involved and make a difference. We offer a variety of quality programs and services that promote self-sufficiency. In 2021, RCS made it our mission to ensure that all our essential services remained intact to see the pandemic through. Our hope was to meet people where they were, and to continue the legacy of our mission to meet the needs of those in the most need.

Community Kitchen

In North Carolina, people in nearly 590,000 households do not have enough food to eat each day. North Carolina has the 10th highest rate of food insecurity in the nation. Food insecurity means that not every family member has access to healthy and nutritious food choices to support an active and healthy lifestyle. When families experience food insecurity, they often must make difficult choices about the quality and amounts of food they are able to provide. Households that are considered to have “very low” food security means they not only lack access to healthy and nutritious food, but that they often skip meals all together.


With our volunteer-led Community Kitchen open 365 days a year, RCS provided an opportunity for those facing food insecurity in the midst of a pandemic. It was the opportunity to connect with other community members while being provided with a meal prepared with love and served with dignity.

In 2021, the RCS Community Kitchen served 90,870 servings of food, based on USDA standards, to over 40,000 individuals. The cost per serving of food at RCS was a mere $1.63.

Case Management

Our goal at RCS is to improve the well-being of those we serve by providing them with opportunities to achieve their individual freedom with independence and responsibility. We work to establish a baseline for individuals and families as we assist them in transitioning into a more stable life. To this end, we see food, shelter, education, and prevention services linked for families and individuals to have the means for self-sufficiency and dignity.

The basic goal of RCS’s overall approach to well-being is to empower individuals to help themselves. The strategy to accomplish this goal is to employ the tool of client-centered case management. With client-centered case management, RCS provides accountability to our clients as they pursue their own goals. Clients seeking assistance are screened individually to assess how to best meet their personal needs and make appropriate referrals. RCS case managers work with local partners to establish and ensure effective care and case management.

This year we were able to provide 74,885 individual case management hours through our combined case management services. This number alone demonstrates the staggering demand for this service, a service we were able to provide at a cost of $2.66 per hour. We look forward to continuing these services in 2022.

2021 Costs

Total Case Management given in 2021: $199,194.10

Total Rent/Utilities Assistance given in 2021: $45,275.66

Total Prescription Assistance given in 2021: $4,985.56

Total Shelter Assistance given in 2021: $151,151.36


In 2021, the RCS shelter provided a total of 7,184 nights of shelter to 251 individuals. The cost per night of shelter at RCS in 2021 was $21.04. 


In the darkest moments, every family faces uncertainty and hard financial times. This past year was no different. Over a twelve-month period, 6,490 families made their way to RCS for emergency pantry assistance where they received a fourteen-day supply of food for their family. The organization also took this assistance outside its four walls through a brand-new initiative, Operation Outpost.


Through Operation Outpost, RCS served rural communities in Jones, Pamlico, and Craven Counties. We were able to serve an additional 5,036 individuals with food, hygiene, clothing, and assessment services. Despite the increased demand, we were able to keep our 2021 average cost per family at $2.32. This would not have been possible without the support and generosity of the community and our partners.


  • Helped nearly 200 families with our Utilities Assistance program

  • Helped 190 families with Rent/Mortgage Assistance

  • Helped 401 individuals with our Prescription Assistance program

  • Served 5,036 individuals with groceries through our Operation Outpost program

  • Provided clothing to 40 students through our ThreadEd program

  • Provided 116,213 lbs. of food to partnering agencies within the community

  • Provided educational assistance to 40 clients through the STEP Job Readiness Boot Camp in partnership with Craven Community College

Get Involved

  • $8.15 provides FIVE complete and balanced nutritional meals based on federal guidelines.

  • $25 provides a student in need of a winter coat/outfit for school through our ThreadEd program.

  • $63.12 provides THREE nights of stay in our Shelter. All of our Shelter guests are provided clean clothes, a nutritious meal, and a safe and comfortable place to sleep.

  • $235.37 provides ONE day of operational costs at RCS. We provide essential services and support that our neighbors count on during hard times. Operational expenses keep the lights on, the AC and heat running, the refrigerators full, the clothes and linens clean, the gas tanks full, the shelves stocked, the mortgage and taxes paid, and so much more.

What Our Clients Say


RCS Shelter Client

" I accepted a new job in New Bern. RCS enabled us to find clean, warm, and dependable shelter while I got back on my feet."

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