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Thank you to our Supporters

For 40 years, Religious Community Services existence is due to God’s faithfulness and community support.

We have thousands of generous people who have supported this outreach of compassion for years. Without them, the lifesaving nights of shelter and thousands of meals served each month wouldn’t be possible.

The services we offer are a result of kindhearted supporters who care for members of our community in need. Helping the homeless is something most of us think about doing when we encounter someone living with homelessness on the street. Maybe it’s in the moment, or sometime soon after we feel like we should do something to help, but many people aren’t sure of the best way to lend a helping hand. Should you give money? Should you give food? Should you simply offer a conversation? Take a look at the innovative ways our community has supported our efforts through various acts of service, volunteering, or donating. 

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Come Serve With Us

Thank you! We will be in touch. We are very excited you are interested in volunteering with our agency. Letters of Appreciation are available to large groups, service members, and individuals. We also welcome community service volunteers. Volunteers are subject to approval on a case by case basis. Agency presentations are also available at anytime. 

Emily Saunders
Owner & Lead Photographer of Emily Saunders Photography

Emily Saunders is a well known area photographer with a heart of serving. With RCS's 40th Birthday nearing, we knew it was time for a website re-launch. Emily provided in-kind services to our agency by gifting us with professional stock images of our campus and team in action to use on this website. To obtain more information on her talents, click here. 

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Trent Cadillac of New Bern 

More often than not, we are reminded of our supporters through consistent engagement. Over the years, the staff and owners of Trent Cadillac, have consistently answered our various calls to actions. Recently, our agency was in need of new fleet vehicles. With our community kitchen open 365 days a year, and local food distribution pick ups 6 days a week, you can imagine the toll it takes on our agency vehicles. Through the chronic support of Trent Cadillac, RCS has been gifted with the ability to work with the Trent staff in achieving our mission goals. Continuously, this business has rose to the occasion and become champions of our efforts here at RCS. Find out more information about Trent Cadillac here. 


Our communities efforts do not go un-recognized. In addition to efforts mentioned on this page, every Thursday our gratitude is expressed even further via social media during our "Thankful Thursday" spotlight posts. 

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