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RCS is committed to addressing the basic needs of our community by providing food, clothing and shelter to those who need it most. We do this by: 

  • BUILDING a supportive community,

  • ENGAGING people holistically, and 

  • EMPOWERING permanent life-change

It’s not just about what we do but how we do it. Our approach is personal; relationships drive our services and help to heal the trauma of homelessness. We strive to honor the profound worth of each life, and for our work to reflect that belief.

Through various forms of assistance and support we are dedicated to the love and reverence of God through reaching out faithfully and respectfully to serve people in times of need.

How We End Homelessness


Ending homelessness is a bold and complex undertaking. We believe homelessness should be rare, brief, and one-time. These four outcomes tell us if we’re succeeding in our mission:

1.) The number of individuals moving into housing

2.) The average length of time it takes someone to move from homelessness to housing

3.) Utilized Support Services

4.) Employment

Let Our Clients Tell You:

" RCS helped my family a few years ago when we couldn't afford our rent and now that we've been on our feet for a while I try to do what I can to promote what you all do there. I'm forever grateful."