BEE Campaign: Build. Engage. Empower.


The BEE Campaign  is raising funds to reconfigure the current George Street complex to ensure a safe, secure, and efficient operation providing shelter, food, and clothing for people with basic needs as well as empowerment through education, health, and self-improvement programs. This will ultimately help each of them lead productive lives. In addition to the day-to-day costs of current building and programs, there’s a critical need to raise the funding necessary to begin renovations on the following:

  • Emergency Shelter for Veterans: Creating five apartments for veterans

  • Emergency Shelter for Families: Expanding from one to four family rooms

  • Emergency Shelter for Individuals

  • Community Kitchen: Expanding from 46 to 120 seats

  • Food Distribution

Primary Programs

Located in a three-building complex at 919 George Street, the primary programs at RCS meet basic human needs of food and shelter:

Community Kitchen: Served 63,510 meals in 2018. The current kitchen seats 46 people and serves an average of 174 people per day. However, during the summer months when school is out, as many as 220 guests are served daily. The ECU School of Nursing provides basic health screenings for shelter guests during Community Kitchen hours and volunteers provide “compassionate listening” should a guest need a caring person to talk with him/her. RCS offers a free meal to anyone who visits, no questions asked.

Shelter: RCS operates a 20-bed shelter for families and individuals, specifically assisting families, women, and veterans. In 2018, RCS provided temporary shelter for nearly 260 individuals. We connect these individuals to appropriate organizations for additional assistance and support, helping them transition back into society and achieve self-sufficiency. Currently, there’s only one designated “family space.” RCS turns an average of 300 families with children away every year due to lack of space in the shelter. Extended Temporary Shelter is needed, especially for Veterans. Last year, approximately 50 veterans stayed at the Shelter. We helped seven of these veterans move into local housing and assisted them in accessing the Veteran’s services to which they are entitled.

Food Distribution Program: We help families in need with a week’s supply of food for at home preparation. The community donated meals through food drives and churches enabling RCS to provide 211,440 meals through our food pantry to families in 2018. RCS recovers food from restaurants and grocery stores for distribution to those in need. Warehouse space is used to properly store the food before it’s distributed.

The BEE Campaign is an initiative to secure funding for the reconfiguration of our facility so we may help fulfill the basic needs of our growing community. We are grateful for the continued support of our current donors as donations of both time and money are still needed for day-to-day expenses. We’re looking for additional community support from individuals and corporate sponsors to help us reach our campaign goals. If you’re interested in learning about corporate sponsorship and/or naming opportunities, please contact Doug Harr, Executive Director at 252.633.2767.  You can also preview our BEE Booklet that contains detailed information about this initiative. 


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